Today, we preview the green cars of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, tally plug-in electric car sales for August 2016, and compare the Karma Revero and VLF Destinotwo cars based on the same Fisker Karma body. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Increased electric-car adoption means decreased oil consumption, but ExxonMobil and OPEC aren't worried.

The Fisker Karma has split into the Karma Revero and VLF Destinotwo cars that use the same body, but with radically different powertrains.

When will DC fast-charging for electric cars be available everywhere in the U.S.? Our latest poll results show what our Twitter followers think.

The 2016 Paris Motor Show kicks off at the end of this month. Here are the notable green production and concept cars we expect to be there.

Plug-in electric car sales results for August show the Chevrolet Volt selling at twice the rate of the Nissan Leaf.

Advocacy group Drive Oregon has secured federal funds to set up a permanent storefront in downtown Portland to showcase electric cars, and to support other outreach efforts.

Consumers are 20 times more likely to buy an electric car or plug-in hybrid if their workplace offers charging stations, according to a new Department of Energy study.

Finally, learn how Infiniti's new variable-compression engine works with this short video.


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