Today, a group deal slashes prices on the Nissan Leaf electric car for a handful of customers, "quiet car" rules for hybrids and electric cars are delayed again, and Bill Gates and several other billionaires pledge to invest in clean energy. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

A teenager creates the Tesloop shuttle service to pay for his Model S electric car.

"Quiet car" rules requiring hybrids and electric cars to make pedestrian-alerting noises have been delayed yet again.

A Colorado group deal cuts $9,000 from the price of Nissan Leaf electric cars.

On the eve of United Nations climate-change talks, Bill Gates and other billionaires pledge to invest in clean energy technology.

It's that time of year: Here's the death list of 17 cars that won't return in 2016.

Finally, Volkswagen identifies $2 billion in savings, and plans to cut back on variants and trim options as it tries to deal with the ongoing diesel emissions scandal.


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