Today, we drive the 2016 Honda Civic, explain why electric-car drivers tend to prefer leasing, and look at Toyota's plan to virtually stop selling internal-combustion cars by 2050. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Read about self-driving Teslas, new 2016 Toyota Prius details, and a big electric Volkswagen in our Week in Reverse feature.

China's next five-year plan could include provisions to further promote electric cars, a new report says.

We drive the redesigned 2016 Honda Civic sedan for the first time.

Electric-car drivers love their vehicles, but find out why they tend to prefer leasing to buying.

By 2050, Toyota doesn't plan to sell many internal-combustion cars, but none of those cars will be battery-electric, either.

The chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association continues the lobbying push against Tesla's direct-sales model, calling it "inconvenient."

Volkswagen's headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, was raided October 8 by authorities investigating the company's diesel-emissions cheating. Now it seems VW offices in France have been raided as well.

Finally, we have pricing information on the 2016 Honda Civic sedan. It will start at $19,475, and coupe and hatchback models should follow relatively soon.


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