Many electric-car drivers rely on home charging as their primary source of energy.

Installing a charging station at home generally allows more convenient recharging than relying solely on public stations.

But this isn't necessarily an option for owners living in cities.

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Apartment buildings don't always provide access to parking, let alone a place to set up a 240-volt Level 2 AC station.

Tesla Motors hopes to address that inconvenience, though--starting with the New York City borough of Manhattan.

The Silicon Valley carmaker will partner with New York parking garages to install charging sites for Model S owners, The New York Times reported last week.

2016 Tesla Model S

2016 Tesla Model S

The charging stations used at these sites will be Level 2 AC units, not the DC Supercharger stations that tend to get most of the publicity.

Tesla calls its AC stations "destination chargers," and has been quietly installing them at sites like parks and restaurants, where cars are more likely to remain parked for longer periods of time.

However, Tesla says this is the first time it has worked with parking garages to address charging infrastructure in an urban area.

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The company says it has energized charging sites at around two dozen garages in Manhattan already, and says "dozens more" are in the process of being installed.

So far, available sites span much of Manhattan, from the area around Wall Street near the south end of the island, to 94th Street about halfway up the island.

Garages will offer parking with provisions for charging by the hour or month, to accommodate both commuters and residents.

2012 Tesla Model S

2012 Tesla Model S

Whether they are parking a Model S for the span of a workday or long term, owners will simply drop the car off with an attendant and get it back fully charged, Tesla says.

A full charge should take around four hours.

Owners will still have to pay the garage's standard fee for parking a car, and garage owners will be able to charge for electricity use at their discretion, according to The New York Times.

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The Tesla effort will parallel work by the New York City government to expand the number of public charging stations in its jurisdiction.

It passed a law in 2013 requiring that 20 percent of all new parking spaces be built to accommodate electric-car charging.

The provision is expected to create a total of 10,000 new charging-ready spaces, ultimately.


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