Today we've got photos of activity at the Tesla Motors "gigafactory" site in Nevada, California's goal of cutting petroleum use in half by 2030, and a prediction of the decline of conventional gasoline engines that largely depends on your definition of "conventional." All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We've got photos showing continued work at Tesla's "gigafactory" site in Nevada.

California Governor Jerry Brown sets a goal of cutting petroleum use by cars and trucks in the state by half by 2030.

China's limits on the export of rare-earth metals used in a variety of electronic components will end after a decision by the World Trade Organization.

Will conventional gasoline engines be a minority just two years from now? Not exactly...

Check out a massive electric bus concept from Poland that uses fuel cells to charge its batteries.

Mercedes-Benz confirms that it will move its U.S. headquarters to Atlanta, a plan it's been considering for some time.

Finally, the Detroit Electric SP:01 electric sports car appears in production trim.


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