We finish off the week with a look at where Tesla Motors can legally sell cars directly to customers, examine how dropping gas prices could impact impending Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) rules, and the Lit Motors C-1 electric motorcycle goes for a test run in a new video. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We've updated our October Canadian plug-in electric car sales report, which now shows the Tesla Model S outselling the Nissan Leaf.

As the state-by-state battle between Tesla and auto-dealer lobbyists continues, see where Tesla can legally sell you a car with this handy map.

Watch the Lit Motors C-1 self-balancing electric motorcycle in action in a new video.

Wanxiang's plans to relaunch the Fisker Karma extended-range electric luxury sedan move ahead with the announcement that the updated car will once again use Quantum control software.

Plummeting gasoline prices are good news for consumers, but could they also doom stricter gas-mileage rules set to take effect over the next few years?

A Chevrolet Volt owner has her charging power cut off after a dispute with her homeowners board.

Honda ramps up recalls after getting criticized for soft-pedaling problems with Takata-supplied airbags.

Finally, the Audi Q3 compact crossover gets a facelift in Europe, but U.S. buyers likely won't see this updated version until the 2016 model year or later.


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