Today on Green Car Reports: Chevy rethinks marketing for its upcoming 2016 Volt, one hydrogen fuel company expects profits within five years, and we ask whether Tesla Model S drive unit failures are becoming "a thing". All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The current Chevrolet Volt is a great car, but its marketing has been hit-and-miss. See how the company plans to market the next-generation car.

First Element Fuels expects to make a profit selling hydrogen fuel to drivers in five years time. Is that even possible?

Green Car Reports contributor Ben Rich tests the Energica Ego electric motorcycle. Does it ride as well as it looks?

SUVs are apparently back, and selling in bigger numbers than ever. But today's SUVs are a far cry from their lumbering, dirty counterparts from a few years back.

Problems with Tesla's drive units in the Model S electric sedan are being reported in worrying numbers. How big a problem is it?...

In-car tech is a major feature of modern cars. But sometimes, it's utterly terrible. Voice recognition is one of those things.

Finally, edgy and innovative American car-maker Local Motors has launched a competition to develop its next lightweight sports car. Do you have what it takes?


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