Today on Green Car Reports: Nissan's plug-in hybrid plans, a bill to permit Tesla Motors' direct sales model in New Jersey, and the Ford Fusion Lightweight concept points toward more-efficient cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

An update on plug-in electric car sales for May, including the first sales numbers for the 2014 BMW i3.

Speaking of the i3, watch it park itself here--and see the owner's astounded reaction.

Canada gets two cars below $10,000: the Mitsubishi Mirage and the Nissan Micra.

A bill to permit Tesla's direct-car sales model in New Jersey will be heard tomorrow.

How do you make a car 25 percent lighter? The Ford Fusion Lightweight concept shows one way.

Nissan plans to launch plug-in hybrids in less than two years.

Tesla's annual meeting offers some new information on the electric-car maker's future plans.

The good and the bad of the 2014 Subaru Forester compact crossover.

Finally, new spy shots of the 2015 Smart ForTwo, which will be unveiled in July.


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