This August, a group of electric vehicle drivers will travel from Mexico to Canada up the West Coast as part of the BC2BC annual all-electric vehicle rally.

To celebrate, the meet will bring together electric vehicles in Long Beach, California, to form the world's largest electric vehicle gathering.

All electric cars are welcome--provided they run entirely on electric power.

That means range-extended vehicles like the Chevy Volt won't be allowed to partake--and nor will hybrids, hydrogen vehicles or any other fossil-fueled or alternatively fueled vehicle.

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It still shouldn't be difficult to find the thousand vehicles needed to fill the parking lot where the event is being held--and the group is expecting everything from modern electric cars to vintage vehicles, trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, and "anything else that is a transportation vehicle powered by autonomous battery electric power".

One vehicle the organizers are particularly keen to see is a 1914 to 1917 Beardsley Electric--the first electric car built in California. The vehicle would be put on display as part of the celebrations.

The meeting will no doubt bring together an eclectic mix of electric vehicles, but owners of plug-in hybrids and range-extended cars may be feeling a little unappreciated right now.

Luckily, you have an August alternative.

David Heward, of the Route 66 Electric Car Club on Facebook, is looking for owners of all types of electric vehicles to take part in an event in Kingman, Arizona, to promote the use of Route 66 as an electric highway.

It's a subject close to our hearts, and making some of the famous route's stops electric-car suitable would be an excellent way to revitalize it--perhaps returning the route to its 1930s to 1950s pre-interstate heyday.

The BC2BC-2014 meet takes place from 9am on August 10 in Long Beach, while the Kingman Route 66 Festival is scheduled for August 12. Some electric car owners could potentially make both events...


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