While Fisker and its administrators dig through the paperwork and bids relating to its bankruptcy, one company is hard at work turning its products into something else entirely.

That company is VL Automotive, co-founded by ex-GM man Bob Lutz and responsible for giving Fisker Karmas an alternative lease of life.

Now VL has turned its attentions to the Fisker Sunset, too--the stillborn convertible concept unveiled when Fisker was enjoying happier days.

Called the Destino Red and revealed at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, it treads the same path as the regular four-door Destino sedan.

That means a new nose--less distinctive than the Fisker's mustache but perhaps less divisive too--and a pair of new engines.

Sadly, they aren't quite as green as the original Karma. Gone is the range-extended electric drivetrain with its 2.0-liter four-cylinder and powerful electric motors. In its place are a pair of GM-sourced V-8s, grabbed from the Corvette and its more powerful ZR1 sibling.

The benefit here is ready availability of engines and transmissions and a well-proven drivetrain, rather than economy and smooth electric power.

The other benefit, specific to the Destino Red concept, is the Sunset's metal folding roof, allowing a secure, quiet top-up experience or that traditional wind-in-the-hair feeling of a convertible.

There are no solid plans for production yet, though if VL Automotive can acquire the required parts--something it's working hard to do, amid Fisker's reorganization--it isn't hard to see the company extending the Destino range with the attractive convertible.

VL already has plenty of customers interested in the Destino sedan, as well as more than a few Karma owners looking to secure the future of their cars with a mass-produced drivetrain.

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