Honda has released a lone sketch to hint at the form of a new fuel cell concept debuting at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show.

The company says the new FCEV Concept expresses a "potential styling direction" for a next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle due in 2015--ready to meet Toyota's FCV-based production car head on in an expanding market of hydrogen vehicles.

While only a small proportion of that "potential styling direction" can be seen in the concept drawing, it's clear to see that the concept will take at least some inspiration from Honda's upcoming hybrid NSX supercar, with a similarly low nose and sleek profile.

There's also a hint of Honda's first production hybrid vehicle in the design--with rear wheel covering spats suggesting the concept will major on aerodynamic efficiency. It's an aggressive shape though, apparently featuring a sharp ridge to the front fenders and a ground-hugging front spoiler. There's also a chance the roof will be a "floating" design--note the cut in the lower A-pillar.

Like rival Toyota, Honda is putting considerable effort to develop fuel cell vehicles, alongside its range of improving hybrid cars.

The existing FCX Clarity is Honda's second production fuel cell vehicle following the original FCX of 2002--an ungainly, upright fuel cell hatchback.

The company's next-generation fuel cell model will appear on U.S. and Japanese roads in 2015, though unlike Toyota's fuel cell vehicle plans it's unclear whether Honda's vehicle will be a full-scale production car available to all. The Japanese automaker is collaborating on its fuel cell technology with General Motors.

Honda says the FCEV Concept demonstrates the company's vision for the future of personal mobility "and our commitment to developing advanced alternative fuel vehicles".

It's set to be joined at the Los Angeles Auto Show by the updated 2014 Honda Civic.


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