Today on Green Car Reports, we've got news coming from everywhere. Fisker Automotive may have found itself a buyer after all, while Forbes imagines what would happen if Google bought Tesla. We've also got the GreenWing eSpyder electric aircraft plus electric food carts in New York City, proving that just about anything can be powered by electricity. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

A signed offer for Fisker Automotive has been sent to the U.S. Department of Energy. Maybe Fisker isn't dead after all?

Could rival luxury plug-in car maker Tesla Motors do better if Google bought it? Would that help Elon Musk achieve his goal of radically changing transportation?

Speaking of plug-in cars, here's why they're still cleaner than gasoline cars--even if they use grid electricity entirely from coal.

Why stop at cars that plugin? GreenWing is launching its $40,000 eSpyder electric airplane.

Simply Grid is encouraging New York City street vendors to go electric and eliminate the emissions from their sidewalk generators.

The EPA is updating its used-car gas mileage stickers, adding a downloadable graphic for sellers to use in online ads.

Toyota is starting its own very small car-sharing service in one suburban California development, using a fleet of Scion iQ EV electric cars.

Finally, a new anti-theft system can identify a driver's brain waves. Would having your car stolen be better than driving with sensors pasted to your skull?


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