Today on Green Car Reports, we look at the secretive world of electric car trademarks, examine the safest car on U.S. roads, and see what Toyota is planning to reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show. All this and more in today's car news, right here on Green Car Reports.

One small Chinese electric car company is damning political correctness and naming its top-secret tech trademarks after top secret-revealer Edward Snowden.

Tesla is also getting on the trademark bandwagon...only its 'Model E' moniker refers to one of its future vehicles.

That's not all for Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA]--its existing Model S has been awarded the highest ever crash test rating by the NHTSA.

BMW X5 diesel drivers, get ready for another recall--1,500 2009-2010 crossovers may have a fuel filter heater fault.

More secrets revealed: This time, Toyota has finally shown us what its 400-horsepower Yaris Hybrid-R Concept will look like.

Fiat's GQ-branded 500 is "designed for the athletic yet style-conscious lifestyle of the modern man"... indeed.

Volkswagen's pretty Karmann-Ghia coupe, based on that original gas-saver, the Beetle, turns 60 today.

And finally, the AAA predicts that Labor Day traffic will hit pre-recession levels, with 34.1 million drivers hitting the road over the weekend. Plan ahead and set off early to avoid wasting gas!


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