Thorough pre-delivery testing is commonplace in the modern automotive industry, and means the shiny new cars we pick up from dealerships are of higher quality than ever before.

It's always nice to know just how much care is taken to ensure a car is perfect before you're handed the key though--and Tesla Motors' pre-delivery checks are particularly thorough.

The Wired video below shows the steps a Tesla Model S goes through before it's shipped, the entire inspection happening inside Tesla's Fremont assembly plant.

That's something most automakers can't do, of course--but Tesla can, with its clean electric cars polluting no more indoors than they do outside.

Paintwork is checked, the body is examined for possible leaks--using 228 water jets and 1,500 gallons of reusable water--before being driven over six different "shake and rattle" surfaces to check for any abnormal cabin noises.

A driving mode check is then carried out, each Model S strapped to a rolling road for 20 miles of various performance, settings and calibration tests--plus a check of the car's anti-lock braking system.

Finally, a 101-point check is carried out to ensure every aspect of the car is perfect before delivery.

Altogether, the checks take five hours. It's amazing to see how much effort goes in to ensuring a car is in top condition before reaching customers, even following hours of precision production and years of development.


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