It's still fairly early days for the Tesla Model S, and while the car is finding fans across the globe, it's still seeing various updates and option packages that early buyers didn't have access to.

Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] has recently announced a new line of option packages and pricing for various items.

The good news is that Model S buyers can now enjoy even more kit. The bad news, at least for those still deciding whether they want a Model S, is that some of the new packages add significant cost to the price of the car.

Where previously the panoramic roof option cost $1,500, it's now $1,000 more expensive. XM Satellite radio used to cost $950; now it's available only as part of the Ultra High Fidelity Sound package for $2,500.

A tech package, with seven years of maps and navigation, LED daytime running and cornering lights, keyless entry, memory seats and more costs $3,500. Smart Air Suspension is $2,250, but only if you've forked out for the tech package, while leather trim is $2,500 and an Alcantara headliner $1,500. Upgraded 19" tires are $1,000 with the 60 kWh model, standard with 85 kWh cars.

Other extras include a $750 Subzero Weather package with 3-zone rear seat heaters, wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters, $1,000 for ambient lighting and $2,500 for the rear-facing third row seats. Parking sensors and fog lamps are $500 each.

For some owners on the Tesla Motors forum page, it's all a bit too much, leading to cancelled orders, delayed orders, and frustration at the cost increases.

Meanwhile, some other features are heading to the Model S soon, announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the recent Teslive event (via Autoblog Green).

These include a valet parking mode (to ensure the folks taking your keys don't get too carried away with its performance!), an upgraded navigation system with extra features and downloadable maps, and the option to use your phone's data connection in the car, rather than the built-in system in the S.

Are you looking to buy a Model S in the near future? Leave your thoughts on the option price increases below.


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