Want to move around the city with minimal stress?

If you live in Portland, you'll now be able to do so in the back of a Tesla Model S, thanks to Tesla Trips.

The company, which normally organizes road trips around Oregon in the cars, applied back in April for a license to serve Portland as an executive limo service. The City of Portland has now granted that license, the company now enjoying Executive Sedan status.

Tesla Trips majors on wine and beer tours in the state, with routes organized to pass some of Oregon's top vineyards and watering holes.

As a limo service they'll be serving a different sort of clientele, but we'd be surprised if Tesla doesn't sell a few more Model S off the back of a quiet, speedy ride from hotel to airport and back. After all, we already know that getting bums on seats is the best way to find electric car customers.

We'd not be surprised to see similar services appearing in other cities, either. Combined with fast charging, Model Ss could prove formidable in the executive limo market--with only the whims of city officials really standing in the way.

So if you're going to Portland and looking for a comfortable, zero-emissions way of getting around, you've probably just found it.


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