Everyone loves a great deal. Just how many times have you bought an extra bottle of soda because it's on a "buy one, get another free" offer? Or shopped 'til you dropped in an "everything must go" sale?

It's not often you're offered a free car though, even when buying a house.

That's exactly what one San Jose seller is doing, the 1959 house he renovated to modern green standards coming with a free lease of a Tesla Model S electric sedan.

As ABC7 reports, it's creating quite a buzz. Listing agent Avis Garoutte is receiving plenty of calls asking about the Tesla alone--though seller Mohan Mahal has put plenty of effort into making the house itself as energy-efficient as possible.

The house, on Koch Lane, San Jose, is up for $1.325 million, and has been on the market now for just over two weeks. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and sits on a 9.147 sq-ft lot in one of San Jose's best neigborhoods.

The car, on the other hand, is free to whoever grabs the house, with a three-year prepaid lease worth $40,000. It's in a fetching shade of metallic light blue, and the new owner can simply get in and drive--after charging it with the pre-installed charging point in the garage, that is.

Seller Mahal is a heart transplant survivor, now on a mission to promote green living. "This is definitely giving me the opportunity to get my word out. Let's do energy efficient homes, let's do homes with cars in there, let's do homes with solar panels," he told ABC7's South Bay News.

In future, Mahal wants to see more houses offered with electric vehicles--a way to really get people behind the technology, improving their homes as well as the cars they drive.

[Hat tip: Brian Henderson]


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