What's your first resource for electric-car information?

We're hoping you answer Green Car Reports (of course!), but in reality there are quite a few by now.

Today, the conservation group Sierra Club has launched its own Electric Vehicle Guide--and one of its key features is the ability to learn about state and local incentives by entering your ZIP code.

While other groups, including Plug-In America, offer listings and maps of specific incentives in various locations, the Sierra Club's electric-car guide provides a neat ability to sort results by where you live.

It sorts the available plug-in electric cars to show which ones are available in your area--hint: California gets 'em all, you may not--along with the myriad incentives for driving a plug-in.

Those can include:

  • purchase rebates and/or tax credits
  • sales tax exemptions
  • single-occupant access to carpool (HOV) lanes
  • discounted electric rates for recharging electric cars
  • and many more

The site also lets potential buyers compare the emissions generated by recharging an electric car on their specific electric grid, showing the results for battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and standard gasoline cars.

It even includes links to eBay listings of plug-in electric cars for sale within your region.

The Sierra Club's Electric Vehicle Guide also offers blog posts, fact sheets, and the annual "EV Buyers Guide article" from Sierra Magazine.

And, predictably, there's a pitch for donations to the Club itself and an "Action Alert" you can use to advocate for electric cars through the site.

We're all for spreading the word about electric cars, their availability, the various incentives, and the emissions benefits.

Give the Sierra Club's new site a once-over, and let us know what you think in the Comments below.


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