It's probably safe to say that many readers of this site would love to sit down for a chat with Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

While he's known for tweeting about the company--and autographing owners' Model S cars at publicity events--Musk is a pretty busy guy.

While he can be refreshingly blunt in some of his assessments about the company, his job as CEO requires presenting a rosy picture of its future.

Which is why we enjoyed reading Alex Taylor's "9 Questions For Tesla's Elon Musk" in Fortune.

Taylor didn't actually talk to Musk to ask him the questions, mind you.

Instead, the article poses theoretical queries about the future of Tesla Motors, from the point of view of a skeptical veteran who's covered the auto industry for many, many years.

Our favorite question is, "Every other [electric car] manufacturer is struggling; are you really that much better?"

We suspect Musk might answer, "Yes" and wait for the next question.

If he didn't hang up the phone, anyhow.

But it got us thinking: What would you ask Musk?

Leave your questions in the Comments below, and if they're interesting--and would advance our coverage of Tesla and its cars--perhaps we'll try to get them answered.

Tell us what you think of Taylor's questions too, while you're at it.

Over to you, dear readers.


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