If you've ever seen a child zipping along on a bicycle at breakneck speed the concept of putting them behind the wheel of a car is truly terrifying.

Toyota still wants to give it a go though, and following on from last year's Camatte concepts, Toyota has once again displayed a brace of electric family-friendly cars at the Tokyo Toy Show.

The Camatte57s takes the previous concept and chops the roof off, but maintains some of the previous version's features.

Those include adjustable seat and pedals, allowing trusting parents to adjust the driving position for their children, and body panels that can be switched to offer a wide range of designs.

There are 57 of these panels (hence the name) and one of this year's concepts shows that more modern designs are also available--the sporty, striped version has more than a hint of the classic Toyota Sports 800 about it.

What the Sports 800 didn't offer, but is a great idea for a car aimed at teaching children to drive, is a rear seat positioned so adults can assist with steering and braking lest their child careers towards a tree at any point.

Screams of delight from the front seat and terror from will be clearly audible, as once again the Camatte57s uses an electric drivetrain.

Details on how much power it produces or how far it goes aren't forthcoming, though "too much" and "too far" would be suitable guesses for any parents occupying the rear seats.

Toyota hasn't announced any plans to make the Camatte57s. We can hear the sighs of relief from here...


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