Subaru's last crossover was the slightly underwhelming XV Crosstrek, but its latest concept looks a lot more exciting.

Unveiled today at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Viziv Concept is a diesel hybrid crossover, hinting at the looks and powertrain of some future Subaru models.

Traditionally, Subarus have always touted a four-wheel drive transmission layout.

The Viziv is no different, but rather than full-time, mechanical all-wheel drive, the Viziv is a through-the-road hybrid--little different from the European-only Peugeot 3008 diesel hybrid crossover we drove last year.

A 2.0-liter diesel engine sits up front, in Subaru's familar flat-four "boxer" layout, while two electric motors power the rear wheels.

The setup not only weighs less than a traditional all-wheel drive system, but frees up cabin space too--allowing for a flatter floor than vehicles with a propshaft running down a central tunnel.

Like other through-the-road setups, the car decides whether to use one or the other powertrain, or a combination of the two when greater performance is needed. The diesel engine would be used on the highway for maximum efficiency (running through a continuously-variable transmission), while the electric rear wheels would take over around town.

The styling too is a departure for Subaru, and while the two-door, four-seat crossover setup may not make it to production, the large grille, defined waistline, aggressive head and tail-light shapes and chunky body addenda may well find their way onto production vehicles.

You can read more on the Viziv Concept over at our sister site, Motor Authority--or if you want more green news from the Geneva Show, we've brought it all together on our full show page.


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