Car rental firm Hertz got in there early with electric cars, saying as far back as 2010 it would put the Nissan Leaf on its fleet.

Several plug-in models have followed, and for its newest initiative, Hertz is targeting younger drivers.

A Chevrolet Volt has joined the University of Connecticut's car-sharing fleet, as part of the Hertz On Demand hourly car rental program.

The company reasons that college students are "the most tech and environmentally savvy", making the university location a perfect environment for introducing people to the car.

The Chevrolet Volt at the University of Connecticut will be available in the new Storrs Center parking garage in partnership with the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut. The site was chosen as it offers four electric car recharging stations, and Mansfield has worked hard to improve alternative and energy-saving transportation with recent cycling and bus initiatives.

The University itself now has six vehicles as part of Hertz On Demand, and over 800 members have enrolled in the program.

While one Chevy Volt is only a small step, its presence gives students a good chance to try out the latest technology--and as we know, the best way of getting people interested in plug-in vehicles is to get butts on seats.

For those who don't intend to buy, or can't afford to, Hertz On Demand shares much with other short-term car rental schemes, in that its prices are temptingly low for occasional driving.

There are no annual fees and hourly rental starts from only $6.50. Customers can drive up to 180 miles per day, and gas and insurance are included. Other recent additions to the fleet include the Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500.

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