The Tesla Model S electric sedan is set to get a CHAdeMO quick-charge adaptor when it arrives on the market in Japan.

CHAdeMO is the leading quick-charge standard in Japan, and drivers have access to almost 1,900 charging stations across the country.

It's standard equipment on Nissan Leafs and Mitsubishi i electric cars, but hasn't previously been an option on any Tesla model.

According to Japanese blog MONOist, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] has announced that an adaptor will be available to convert the Model S's usual charging port for use with the CHAdeMO standard.

The Model S is set to arrive at more than 20 Tesla stores across Japan in mid-2013.

Tesla Japan hasn't yet announced local pricing, but its accessibility compared to the more expensive Tesla Roadster has meant Tesla is taking the CHAdeMO standard more seriously, in anticipation of higher sales volumes.

It isn't yet clear whether an adaptor will be made available for U.S. customers, with Model S owners not currently able to charge at the country's CHAdeMO fast-charge stations.

You can find out more on Model S quick charging via the Tesla Motors Club forum.

[Hat tip: Brian Henderson]


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