Toyota has admitted that its Yaris small car isn't a marketing priority right now in the U.S.

Instead, much of the company's efforts are going into the top-selling Corolla line--but when the firm's next-generation small car hits the streets, things could change.

The next Toyota subcompact isn't yet confirmed to use the Yaris name, but we do know it'll be based on the next Mazda2, and built at Mazda's facility in Salamanca, Mexico.

Wards Auto reports that Toyota is looking forward to the new small car, and some members of Toyota's U.S. dealer council have already seen photos of the new car. Response to the new vehicle has apparently been positive.

Production of the new car is set to begin in summer 2015, and U.S. Toyota division group president Bill Fay says he expects the car will use an identical powertrain to the Mazda.

Both companies expect to gain economies of scale from the partnership, while Toyota will strengthen its presence in the subcompact market--where it currently lags behind rivals like the Nissan Versa and Kia Rio.

Fay explains that the Yaris isn't currently a marketing priority for Toyota, the company putting more attention and resources towards marketing the Corolla, a U.S. top seller.

With the Mazda-sourced car on the way however, Fay says that could change in the future.


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