With the holiday season in full swing, many will no doubt experience the small disappointment of receiving a gift they neither like, need, or want.

It's a mere inconvenience and probably won't distract from the season's high points, but it's a different story if you've gone out to buy something expensive--like a car--that you no longer like.

That's why in the U.K, General Motors subsidiary Vauxhall is launching the "Love it or Return it" scheme for buyers of the Vauxhall Ampera.

You may be familiar with the Ampera as a Green Car Reports reader--it's the Chevrolet Volt's European (specifically, British) cousin.

And with a relatively high entry price and technology new to many customers, Vauxhall is letting customers simply give back their cars if they don't get on with them.

There are caveats, of course--the car must be given back in the first 30 days, any damage must be paid for, and you can't have driven over 1,500 miles.

But if for any reason the buyer decides they've made a terrible mistake in the first month--and we think that's unlikely, given the Volt's customer satisfaction scores--they can return it, no questions asked.

The scheme is very similar to that run by Chevrolet with the Spark--though Chevy's deal allows for 4,000 miles and 30-60 days.

It should certainly take some of the anxiety out of buying into a brand new technology. In fact, it makes more sense with unfamiliar products like electric cars than it does with the Spark--and we'd welcome it from other electric vehicle makers, too.

Would you appreciate a similar scheme with other electric vehicles? Let us know in the comments section below.


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