Honda has teased the first image of a new concept car, due at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

The 'Urban SUV Concept' will make its debut at Detroit in January, hinting at the look of a small SUV designed for city driving.

Honda says it combines "a sporty and dynamic SUV profile with a spacious, functional interior".

That spacious and functional interior is the hallmark of the Honda Fit, the next generation platform of which will lend itself to the small SUV, when the next version starts production at Honda's new Mexico plant.

The range will include a regular five-door hatchback, plus a sedan, and a small crossover based on the concept.

Though only a teaser image, it's clear to see the small crossover has a striking profile, with dramatic creases unseen on any Honda beyond the CR-Z hybrid coupe.

It's certainly a more convincing effort than Brazil's Honda Fit Twist--a standard Fit with some plastic cladding--and could prove a worthy rival to the Nissan Juke in the small crossover market.

More details will be revealed when the Detroit show opens in January. You'll be able to follow all our Detroit coverage on our dedicated show page.


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