BMW is recalling certain 2012 model-year X5 diesel models, as well as some 2013 X5 and X6 models, over potential power steering failure.

The recall affects 2009-2012 BMW X5 xDrive35d models built between September 1, 2008 and November 15, 2012. BMW estimates that 29,800 vehicles are affected in total.

The recall concerns an engine idler bolt pulley on diesel-engined vehicles. Over time, tension on the bolt may loosen due to several contributing factors.

Should the bolt loosen, over-stress and break, the vehicle may lose power steering capabilities. While the vehicle would still be driveable, steering effort would increase considerably, increasing the risk of an accident.

Such a situation may be indicated by the vehicle's display, as alternator charge would also be lost. BMW advises that a message reading "Charging malfunction: Stop Carefully. Consult nearest service center" could be a sign the pulley has failed.

Thisnotice marks the second time this year that BMW has recalled X5 diesel vehicles over power steering issues. Previously, a manufacturing error could potentially cause leaks of the power steering fluid, leading to lack of assistance.

A previous steering recall was issued back in 2011 for the diesel X5, and BMW has also recalled the ActiveE electric coupe this year over steering issues.

BMW has not received any reports of accidents or injuries associated with the issue. The company will begin notifying dealers this month, and owners in January.

Full details of the recall can be found via the NHTSA website (.pdf file).


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