Toyota has announced the recall of 2.8 million vehicles worldwide to correct a steering fault found on some models.

670,000 Toyota Prius and Corolla models in the U.S. may suffer from an issue in the steering column.

The faulty component may cause a knocking or rattling from the steering column intermediate extension shafts, and could cause a reduction in steering response.

Toyota says that even in such circumstances, the vehicle will remain safe to drive. There have been no accidents or fatalities as a result of the issue, and only a handful of cases have been reported.

The recall affects Corolla models built between July 2001 and March 2009, and Prius models built between July 2003 and April 2009.

Necessary repairs can be made in about 50 minutes, according to a Toyota spokesman.

A separate recall, including 350,000 vehicles in the U.S, will fix water pump issues in hybrid vehicles. Only three cases have been reported in Europe, and faults cause a warning light to illuminate.

Some vehicles will be affected by both recalls, but repairs will be carried out free of charge. Owners will be contacted if their vehicle is affected.


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