What does a hybrid car need to be sexy? Speed? Good looks? Impressive gas mileage?

Kepler Motors thinks its first supercar, the Motion Hybrid, has it all. 

Announced back in 2009, Kepler Motors has been quietly working on its super lightweight Motion hybrid for nearly three years. 

Now the company has released its first official videos of the car in action.

Like many other hybrid supercars being developed by luxury and prestigious automakers, the Motion is a through-the-road hybrid, combining a traditional mid-mounted, rear-wheel drive gasoline engine, and all-electric front axle. 

Power to the rear wheels is rated at 550 horsepower, thanks to the same Ford-built, 3.5-liter, V-6 twin-turbo Ecoboost engine found in cars like the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO.

Front-wheel power is provided courtesy of twin electric motors, which Kepler says produces a total of 250 horsepower (around 186 Kilowatts).

With so much sheer torque and power, it’s no surprise that the Kepler Motion’s claimed 0-60 time is a mere 2.5 seconds, while top speed is listed as being “200mph+.”

Sadly however, there’s little chance of operating the Kepler Motion in all-electric mode: although the car has a lithium-ion battery pack of undisclosed capacity, it has been built primarily to operate as a series hybrid.

Kepler Motion Hybrid Supercar

Kepler Motion Hybrid Supercar

Outwardly, the Kepler Motion follows classic supercar design form, with wide, arched wheel wells, long, sweeping windshield, and ground-hugging rear spoiler. 

As you’d expect from any modern supercar, everything from the chassis to the seats and the wheels have been built to be as light and as strong as possible, with carbon fiber composites making up most of the car’s structure. 

Kepler’s three official videos, while short, do show the Motion winding around the hills of Southern California with more than just a little bit of ferocity. 

And there’s one thing that’s instantly noticeable: the noise. 

Unlike most hybrid cars on the market today, the Kepler Motion roars with each gear change, eager to provide as much acceleration as is required. 

Underneath this roar, there’s a barely audible whine from the front motors. 

As for gas mileage? There’s no official figure, but since the Kepler Motion was launched at the 2009 Abu Dhabi Motor Show--and only 50 cars will ever be made--it’s unlikely to be of prime concern to the very exclusive group of people who will buy one. 

Is it green? It certainly isn't as green as some cars we could think of. What do you think?


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