Yesterday, General Motors announced it will be running a ‘customer satisfaction program’ for some 4,000 2013 Chevrolet Volts to fix a software glitch that could cause the car’s electric motor to power down while driving. 

In other words, GM is asking all 2013 Chevy Volt owners to visit their local dealer to have a software update applied to their car in order to fix a software bug. 

It just isn’t a recall, OK? 

As The Detroit News reports, the problem seems to only affect 2013 Chevrolet Volts whose owners have made use of the Volt’s delayed charging function.

In a few, rare cases, GM reports, owners have reported that their Volt’s electric motor has temporarily stopped working, leaving them no choice but to safely coast to a stop, turn their car off, and restart it a few minutes later.

While the issue temporarily disables the electric motor, both steering and brakes continue to work as normal.

2011 Chevrolet Volt plugged into Coulomb Technologies 240V wall charging unit

2011 Chevrolet Volt plugged into Coulomb Technologies 240V wall charging unit

According to GM spokesperson Michelle Malcho, no crashes or injuries have been reported as a consequence of the problem.

In addition, GM is keen to point out that it believes this issue is not safety related.

Chevrolet notified the 4,000 affected owners by post on Friday, explaining the problem and asking them to bring their cars into their local Chevrolet dealer for the necessary software update to fix the problem. 

“We’re asking owners to bring their vehicles into their local Chevy dealer for a re-flash of the vehicle’s control system, which should take less than an hour,” Malcho said. “Until then, we’re recommending that customers switch to immediate instead of delayed time charging to avoid this inconvenience.”


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