Here at Green Car Reports, we aim to give you a comprehensive run-down of what each car is like to drive, how far it can realistically travel per charge, and the ins and outs of purchasing it. 

But what does each plug-in car say about you as a person? 

The Sierra Club, most famous for its grassroots action on environmental issues from climate change to renewable energy, thinks it knows. 

And it does so with a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

As part of its efforts to encourage plug-in car ownership, the Sierra Club has prepared a simple, two-page chart listing prices, EPA ratings, electric-only range, and incentives for every mainstream plug-in car on the market today. 

That’s not all. Alongside the more conventional categories, the chart lists some others that are bound to get you laughing. 

For example, did you know that the Nissan Leaf is apparently driven by “Anyone who’s ever owned a hybrid (and a Volvo before that),” or that Volt buyers are the types of people who are glad to see American innovation but have a fear of getting stranded? 

The Sierra Club thinks so.

The Sierra Club's Humorous Electric Car Guide

The Sierra Club's Humorous Electric Car Guide

Alongside the “Who will drive it?” category, there’s a category entitled “How much gear can you cart around in it?” Rather than list the cubic capacity, those mischievous folks at The Sierra Club have listed capacity in terms of sports equipment and camping gear. 

But perhaps the best category--and a semi-serious one--tackles the future of each car by asking “Will it be around in 10 years?”

The best response in this category goes to the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, which the Sierra Club writes the following response for.

“If not, a meteorite has struck earth.”

Sure, the chart pokes a fair bit of fun at electric car drivers in a light-hearted way, but what use is life if you can’t laugh at--and with--yourself once in a while? 


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