Few states in the U.S. can match California’s generosity when it comes to clean vehicle rebate programs. 

In fact, back in September, the California Air Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency awarded the state’s 10,000th Clean Vehicle Rebate to a Nissan Leaf owner from Meadow Vista, California.

But which cars are eligible, and how much rebates can you claim if you live in California?

Thanks to a comprehensive web page from the Center for Sustainable Energy in California, the answers are just a click away. 

Listing everything from the 2012 all-electric Coda Sedan through to the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Car, the list details rebate amounts for all-electric passenger cars, electric motorcycles, neighborhood electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, commercial vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

In addition, the site gives easy-access to the necessary online forms Californian residents will have to file after buying a qualifying vehicle in order to receive the rebate. 

With lease rates for plug-in cars and other green cars at an all-time low, there’s never a better time to consider buying a new green car.

Tesla Model S Inside Line

Tesla Model S Inside Line

Combined with federal income-tax rebates for clean vehicles, Californians who buy certain cars can look forward to a total of more than $7,500 in incentives, dramatically reducing the cost of going green. 

There are however, a few caveats. 

Under the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, those leasing their cars for less than 24 months won’t be eligible to apply.

Therefore, anyone who is looking to buy a clean vehicle in California is advised to research the terms and conditions of the program carefully before they sign any dealer paperwork.  


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