Smart is all about breaking preconceptions. Small cars can't be safe? Not the case. Cheap cars have to be dull? Not a bit of it.

Here are a few more: Polo is only played by high society folk on horses, Spring Break is a wild vacation, and electric bikes are just a tool for commuting.

Not according to Smart. Polo can be played on bikes in an urban environment, Spring Break is a UK bike polo team doing just that, and they're using Smart's eBike to do so.

Just like regular polo, bike polo is fast-paced and requires plenty of coordination and balance, and with only three players on each side teamwork is particularly important.

And aside from covering the front wheels to prevent the ball from becoming lodged in the spokes, no modifications are needed to the eBike.

As we found on our recent test-ride, the eBike's electric assistance is useful for making quick progress, and Smart quotes an assisted range of 62 miles--more than enough for a few polo games, we reckon.

Check out the video above to see the Spring Break team in action, or watch the behind-the-scenes video here.


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