If you thought no avenue had been left unexplored in the quest to promote automobiles, think again.

Short of billboards on the moon and beaming adverts directly into your brain, most traditional media are already used--but Toyota has found one more, promoting its range of hybrid vehicles on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

It's the first auto manufacturer to appear on the network in its 30-year run, hitting millions of households across the U.S. when it aired on Sunday, October 7.

Toyota used the opportunity to show viewers its Prius line, Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid and brand-new, 40 mpg Avalon Hybrid.

Viewers could also interact using a joint HSN and Toyota website, which featured videos, a quiz and a Toyota-themed game, while visitors could also enter a sweepstake to win a brand new Avalon Hybrid.

Viewing audiences were also extended a $1,000 gas card or 'HSN Kash' credits if they buy a Toyota Hybrid within 90 days of the show.

Next week: Ford sells its new Fusion Energi using telekinesis, and Elon Musk visits every household in America to offer them a Tesla Model S.


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