The next generation of Smart's ForTwo minicar can't come along too soon.

The current model is out of its depth in the U.S. and even getting a little long-in-the-tooth in its European homelands, so the 2015 model, expected to go on sale in 2014, is eagerly anticipated.

Caught here in spy shots by our sister site MotorAuthority, the ForTwo test mule is currently wearing hacked-up bodywork from Renault's Twingo city car.

That's no coincidence, as the next-generation Smart ForTwo and four-seat ForFour will share a platform with the next Renault Twingo.

Both the Smart and the Renault will adopt Smart's current rear-engined, rear-drive layout, maximizing passenger space for the car's two occupants.

2011 Smart forvision concept

2011 Smart forvision concept

There are few clues about the next-gen car's engine range yet, though it's expected to use small, efficient gasoline units, and diesels in overseas markets.

An electric version is almost certain, taking a lead from the recent Smart For-Us and Forvision concepts--both of which also preview the next ForTwo's design direction. That means larger, more rounded lights and bodywork than the current car, with the potential for a few high-tech touches, too.

MotorAuthority reports that Smart's Hambach plant in France will continue producing the ForTwo, while Renault's Slovenian plant will produce the ForFour and new Twingo.


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