If you've got a brand new 2012 Tesla Model S sitting in your garage--or you're soon to have one delivered--then life is probably pretty sweet right now.

Not that it can't be improved, of course.

Drivers of Model S cars in Signature trim, denoting the first models delivered, also get a year's worth of mobile data at no extra cost, says Tesla (via Engadget).

When your car has a massive, 17-inch internet-connected touchscreen dominating the center console, that's pretty useful. Those first owners won't have to pay a penny to use the screen's Google maps facility, nor listen to music via the internet.

The free data will also ensure that owners can make the most of other features, like browsing the web for somewhere nearby to eat, creating personalized online channels for music and radio, and automatically-updating cover art for songs.

Owners of post-Signature Model Ss will of course be able to use all these features too, but they won't be lucky enough to have Telsa pick up the tab.

What aspect of Tesla's large touchscreen display would you find most useful as an owner? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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