While the first official 2012 Tesla Model S deliveries start tomorrow, a few individuals have been lucky enough to get theirs early.

One, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Elon Musk. The other, and owner of Model S number one off the production line, is Tesla board member and venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson.

Steve is naturally pretty happy with his Model S, and thanks to his Flickr photo feed we can now get a more detailed look at the Model S's huge touch-screen center console.

The Model S uses two large TFT display screens in its interior. One replaces the regular instruments you might normally find in a car. The other is a large vertical screen where you'd normally find stereo and heating controls, through which all the typical functions can be adjusted.

It can also be used to display different groups of information. In Steve's photo, it's showing a page from Tesla Motors' website, below which is a large Google map page showing traffic updates.

Jurvetson notes that it's surreal driving with satellite view fully zoomed in on the screen, but more contextually interesting than doing the same on a desktop PC.

He also responds to a commenter on the image, saying that he's not found the huge display distracting while he drives. Steve uses the large screen for maps, and the smaller display for music and energy monitoring. Interestingly, whether playing music from radio, internet, Bluetooth or otherwise, the car displays a high-res image of the album artwork for the track you're listening to.

It's fascinating to get a proper glimpse of the production display for the first time--and we've no doubt there'll be more intriguing detail images on the way from the Model S's first owner...


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