Regardless of the reason behind them, official safety recalls can be frustrating for both automakers and car owners. 

But according to Gregory Skwira, copy editor for Automotive News (subscription required), his own personal experience of Ford’s urgent recall of the 2013 Escape crossover SUV to fix a critical failed fuel-line component that could lead to fire, has been quick and professional.

Ford announced the immediate and urgent recall of all 2013 Ford Escapes fitted with the 1.6-liter EcoBoost Engine last week after it discovered a faulty fuel line in the engine compartment could leak fuel onto a hot engine, resulting in fire or explosion. 

Owners of the 2013 Ford Escape 1.6-liter EcoBoost should, it said, refrain from driving their cars until appropriate recall work had been carried out. 

2013 Ford Escape, launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Nov 2011

2013 Ford Escape, launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Nov 2011

For Skwira, who had been away at an event for a few days, the first he heard of the recall was when he was called by a Ford employee informing him that his 2-week-old Escape needed urgent attention. 

Arranging an immediate pickup of his Escape with a flatbed truck, Ford promised Skwira that his car would be returned to him with repaired fuel line, a valet, and a full tank of gas as soon as the remedial work had been carried out. 

With three separate phone calls, two from the dealer and one from Ford’s customer service operation, Skwira reports that he was kept fully appraised of the pickup scheduling and the repair status.

When the truck arrived to drop pick up his faulty Escape, a brand-new loaner Ford Focus was left in its place, ensuring he was not left without transport. 

With parts due to arrive this week, Skwira says he was satisfied that Ford had done everything it could to ensure the recall was handled in a way that ensured customers were kept happy and safe. 

Although the recall was caused by a third-party component and not a Ford-manufactured part, Ford appears to be handling the recall in an exemplary fashion, and with good reason. 

2013 Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape

Because the 2013 Ford Escape has only been on sale for a month -- not to mention the unusually urgent nature of the recall -- Ford has chosen to be proactive and swift in order to retain a good public image and keep customers happy. 

According to Skwira, that’s exactly what Ford has done. 

So my new flawed 2013 Escape, with 281 miles on the odometer, is at this moment rolling down the freeway on a flatbed,” Skwira muses. “But I feel pretty good about Ford and about the dealership that sold it to me -- and that says a lot about how the company is handling this.”

We have to agree. 


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