You know the story with concept vehicles: Shown among the glitz and glamor of auto show stands, they gradually become watered-down until a significantly less exciting production car hits the dealership floor.

Only in the rarefied world of tiny-volume supercars, anything goes - which is why design house Pininfarina is considering a limited run of production Cambiano plug-in hybrids.

According to Automotive News, the company is currently evaluating the potential for limited sales of the Cambiano concept, shown at the recent 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

If the company built ten units, each would sell for around 1 million euros - about $1.3 million at current exchange rates. If interest was higher - enough for 70-75 cars, that price could drop to $523,000 per car.

The Cambiano concept, named for Pininfarina's home town near Turin, Italy, has an 80 horsepower motor driving each wheel.

Peak power of over 200 horsepower per motor is available for short periods - though due to the battery's 500 kW capacity, a still-impressive maximum of 680 horsepower would be available. That would deliver a 0-62 mph time of only 4.2 seconds, aided by the four-wheel drive traction.

It doesn't just score on performance, but efficiency too. Range would be around 500 miles, 127 of which from electric power alone. Emissions would be suitably low, thanks to the parsimonious drivetrain.

The price would put it out of the reach of most buyers, but this is one green concept car that may see the light of day as its maker intended.


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