Best known for its work with companies like Ferrari, Italian design house and coachbuilder Pininfarina also works on its own concepts from time to time.

One of these will be on display at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show that begins in early March.

According to Pininfarina (via Autoweek) the new concept, named Cambiano after the city in which the company is based, is being described as an "eco sport sedan".

That billing hints at some form of high-tech, low-emissions drivetrain for the Cambiano - likely an electric, as with the Tesla Model S, or a plug-in hybrid or range-extended option, favored by companies like Fisker with its Karma.

Pininfarina also hints that the car's "eco" designation applies to its construction as well as the propulsion method.

The Cambiano will mark two anniversaries for the Italian design house - 30 years of the Styling Center based in Cambiano, Italy, and 10 years of the Engineering Center.

Further images of the Cambiano will appear over the next few days on Pininfarina's Facebook page. For further news from the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show, head over to our dedicated show page.


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