• Karma GT by Pininfarina concept

    Pininfarina helps bring the Karma Revero a new coupe version, although the company hasn't yet confirmed if it will be built.

  • Pininfarina H600 concept, 2017 Geneva auto show
    Hybrid Kinetic electric luxury car, with turbine range extender, to be built in China

    Several Chinese or Chinese-backed automotive startups are currently trying to replicate the success of Tesla by designing and selling their own luxury electric cars. But Hybrid Kinetic likely predates most of them. Started by the founder of Chinese automaker Brilliance, the company made headlines...

  • Autolib'
    Can Electric Car-Sharing Promote Social Mobility? Discuss

    In the developed world, we often think of ourselves as living in a classless society. But in fact, huge disparities still exist between the haves and the have-nots. Can car-sharing bridge the gap? Paris' city council seems to think so, and it's launched an electric car-sharing company to prove its...

  • Pininfarina Cambiano live photos, 2012 Geneva Motor Show
    Pininfarina May Build Cambiano Plug-In Hybrid From Geneva

    You know the story with concept vehicles: Shown among the glitz and glamor of auto show stands, they gradually become watered-down until a significantly less exciting production car hits the dealership floor. Only in the rarefied world of tiny-volume supercars, anything goes - which is why design...

  • 2012 Pininfarina Cambiano Concept teaser
    Pininfarina Cambiano: Eco Sport Sedan Teased Ahead Of Geneva

    Best known for its work with companies like Ferrari, Italian design house and coachbuilder Pininfarina also works on its own concepts from time to time. One of these will be on display at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show that begins in early March. According to Pininfarina (via Autoweek) the new concept...

  • pininfarina bluecar geneva 004
    Pininfarina BlueCar Makes Debut In Paris Rental Scheme

    Whether electric cars are suitable for the wider market yet is still a topic undergoing heated debate, but several companies have found a use to which they're very much suited - inner city rental. This is the case for French billionaire entrepreneur Vincent Bolloré. Having commissioned the...

  • Bluecar EV

    The last we heard of Pininfarina and its Bluecar electric vehicle was that the company was looking to start production but a lack of financial support meant the project was never able to pass the concept stage. That was almost two years ago, however. Fast forward to today and we have news that Pininfarina has signed a deal to lease out a portion of its factory near Turin in Italy to a company called Cecomp, which plans to build a run of roughly 4,000 Bluecars. The cars aren’t to be sold to the public but rather used by Autolib, a French car-sharing company. The deal is reportedly worth...

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