This morning at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Lexus unveiled the 2013 RX 450h hybrid SUV, essentially a minor revision to its popular crossover SUV hybrid.

Outside, the new RX 450h wears a new set of bumpers, complete with redesigned grille, LED daytime running lights and a reshaped headlamp. 

At the rear, a few tweaks to the tail lamps and license plate surround mark it aside from the previous generation RX 450h. 

Inside, there are similar subtle changes. Lexus says the steering wheel has been redesigned to make it more comfortable to hold, while a redesigned center console is supposedly more practical to use. 

Standard features now include the addition of power tailgate, and a much-needed audio upgrade to include USB/iPod connectivity on all models.

Under the hood, the 2013 RX 450h is powered by exactly the same drivetrain found in the 2012 RX 450h. 

That equates to a 3.5-liter V-6 Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine, combined with either a two-(FWD) or three-(AWD) motor hybrid drive system.

As a consequence, power, torque, performance and economy remains unchanged from the 2012 model year for both the 2013 RX 450h FWD and RX 450h AWD. 

As a reminder, that equates to a total available power of 295 hp, a 0-60 time of under 8 seconds, and a top speed of 112 mph. 

Lexus predicts the 2013 RX 450h FWD will return 32 mpg city, 28 highway, while the AWD variant will return 30 mpg city, 28 mpg highway. 

But while the 2013 RX 450h might have very few differences between it and the previous model, Lexus also unveiled a sportier version of the hybrid, called the 2013 RX 450h F-Sport.

The 2013 RX 450h F-Sport adds a Sport mode feature that improves acceleration and adjusts the car's handling and steering characteristics for a more sporty ride, and is capable of delivering a more powerful 299 hp of combined power. 


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