If you think that the Chevrolet Volt Bullfrog Power Edition sounds like a rather odd limited edition model, we can understand the confusion.

It's nothing to do with the green, hopping creature though, nor is Bullfrog Power an aesthetically-challenged superhero.

Instead, it's a 100 percent green energy supplier based in Canada, which is injecting as much renewable energy into the Canadian grid as Volt owners are expected to use over two years - meaning the electricity they use is emissions-free.

The electricity generated is certified by EcoLogo, Environment Canada's low emissions program, that encourages green electricity generation, rather than sources like coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear. Instead, Bullfrog uses biogas, created from the breakdown of organic waste, as well as wind and hydro power.

While they can do little about any gasoline used by Bullfrog Edition Volt owners, those drivers making best use of the car's 30-50 mile electric range can rest easy knowing that the equivalent energy they're using is being fed into the grid from green sources.

With early electric car adopters often keen to reduce their impact on the environment, the Bullfrog Power Edition should prove popular with Canadian Volt buyers.

Tom Heintzman, President of Bullfrog Power, said "The world needs green trailblazers, and we applaud Chevrolet Canada for giving drivers a new transportation solution that is safe, reliable and now even more environmental."


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