If you mention internet giant Google and "electric car" in the same sentence, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the company was working on a car of its own.

After all, the company is well-known for its work on autonomous vehicles, with a technology-heavy Prius that's now driven thousands of miles with no human input. You'll also be familiar with Google's work revolutionizing navigation, with Google Maps and Google Earth.

This Google electric car isn't their own work, however. This Google-liveried Mitsubishi "i" seen on SERoundTable (via Twitter user rustybrick), was parked on a street in Surrey Hills, Sydney.

The Australian "i" is apparently one of the energy-efficient vehicles that Google lends to employees for short errands, and features its very own plug-related "Google doodle" down the side.

Unlike the American-market Mitsubishi "i", the car spotted in Australia appears to be similar in specification to the narrower, more basic cars sold in Europe and Japan, that conform to Japanese kei car regulations.

With Google's plans to advance the world of transport, we wonder how long it'll be until we see an electric car that's had more input from Google than just a simple sticker job? They already know where all the charging stations are...


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