With just over two weeks of shopping days left before Christmas, you’ve probably already purchased a lot of your holiday gifts. 

But while sweaters and socks might be the gifts that you’ve traditionally given, why not look for something a little more fun for the electric vehicle owner in your life?

Over the coming weeks we’ll come up with specific gift ideas for drivers of both the 2012 Nissan Leaf and 2012 Chevrolet Volt -- but today we’re going to focus on gifts that we think will be loved by any electric car owner. 

So grab your shopping list, and check out our five electric-car themed gift ideas for 2011. 

Solo: Life With An Electric Car

(ISBN-10: 0393335194)

Long before most people had even entertained the idea of driving an electric car, University lecturer Noel Perrin was challenged by a student in his environmental studies class at Dartmouth to do more than just talk about lowering pollution levels in the U.S. 

The more he thought about it, the more Perrin realized his student was right. He needed to make the change, not just talk about it. 

Solo: Life With An Electric Car

Solo: Life With An Electric Car

So, in 1991, Perrin went to pick up his first all-electric car, a Ford Escort wagon which had been converted to electricity by a Californian company. 

There was just one problem: Perrin lived in Vermont, and the car was in California. 

Going Solo is the story of Perrin’s intrepid 3,100 mile drive home, from coast to coast. No-longer in print, the book is still available from sites like Amazon, and provides an inspirational tale of life before major automakers made electric cars. 

Think Outside The Barrel Bumper Sticker

Nothing expresses the liberty of free speech like a cleverly designed bumper sticker, and we love the collection of Electric Car-themed merchandise available at CafePress.com.

One of our particular favorites is the Think Outside The Barrel sticker, features a striking “No Gas” sign, and old-school impact lettering. 

Available for just a few dollars, this sticker makes a great stocking filler. It’s also available as a Tote bag and a few other select items. 

Forza 4 Limited Edition (XBOX 360)

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: What does a video game involving lots of gasoline cars have to do with electric cars? 

Forza 4 Electric and Hybrid Cars

Forza 4 Electric and Hybrid Cars

Okay, we agree the link is a little tenuous, but bear with us. You see, lots of electric car fans started off life as piston-heads, enthralled by the noise of a healthy V8 and a short-throw stick-shift. 

But racing gasoline cars in the real world isn’t very environmentally friendly. But in the world of virtual cockpits and computerized spoilers, anything goes. 

And unlike other video games, Forza does at least offer a passing nod to all-electric racing, with the 2012 Nissan Leaf, 2012 Chevrolet Volt and 2011 Tesla Roadster all making an appearance. 

We reviewed the game back in October, and loved the tracks and the ability to upgrade the cars throughout the game, which resulted in us making our own virtual super-fast race-spec 2011 Nissan Leaf. 

For best effect though, make sure you get the Forza 4 Limited Edition, which includes the 2011 Tesla Roadster as standard. 

'Revenge of the Electric Car' movie

'Revenge of the Electric Car' movie

Who Killed The Electric Car? / Revenge Of The Electric Car

We honestly haven’t met that many electric car drivers who haven’t seen Chris Paine’s 2006 documentary film Who Killed The Electric Car?

Telling the gut-wrenching story behind the crushing of useful, working electric cars by General Motors, Honda, Toyota and others last decade, Who Killed The Electric Car? can almost be considered required viewing for any electric car fan. 

And if your electric car-mad recipient has already seen the film, why not place an advance reservation for the DVD general release of its acclaimed sequel: Revenge Of The Electric Car?

Due to be launched in late January, Revenge Of The Electric Car is also a must-see film for any electric car fan. To find out more about it, why not check out our own review of the film from its New York Premiere? 

Mylar Blanket 

christmas holiday gift

christmas holiday gift

If you have an electric car driver in your life who likes to make every -- and we mean every -- trip by electric car, the chances are they sometimes like to drive their car to the limits of its range. 

And while they’ve probably never ran out of charge, they may well drive long-distance trips without using the car’s built-in heater in order to maximize range. 

If that sounds familiar, why not buy the an emergency Mylar Blanket? Useful on both passengers and drivers on longer-distance winter trips, these space-age, ultra-lightweight blankets reflect body heat back to the wearer, reducing radiant body heat loss. 

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it be used around a driver’s feet, it can help keep legs and upper body warm when the outside temperature drops (we know, we’ve tried).

Smaller than a conventional blanket, and twice as geeky, Mylar Blankets are also a must-have for any well-stocked automotive first-aid kit. 

Any more?

We know there are lots of other really cool holiday gift ideas out there for electric cars, so why don’t you let us know in the Comments below what gifts you’d like to receive (or perhaps are giving) this holiday season? 


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