We’re less than a week away from Father’s Day - the annual celebration of what our Fathers mean to us - and sometimes an excuse for presents, trips and surprises. 

If your Father is an electric vehicle fan but you haven’t yet got him a present don’t worry: here’s just five of our top electric-car themed gifts you could get him. 

Who Killed The Electric Car?

We couldn’t do any top five electric car gift lists without including the perennial video of choice among electric car enthusiasts 

Focusing on the crushing of electric cars from GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and Honda, Who Killed The Electric Car? is a documentary with more than a twist of a classic murder-mystery. 

Practically required viewing for anyone with an interest in electric cars, it is often cited as the film which encouraged many modern electric vehicle fans to become the early adopters of cars like the 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2011 Chevrolet volt. 

And if your Father already has the film, why not give him the 2009 Comedy Who Stole the Electric Car? instead. Yes, it’s a little irreverent and pokes fun at electric cars as much as the oil companies, but if your Father doesn't take himself too seriously, this may just fit the bill. 

2008 Tesla Roadster (remote control) 

We can’t think of many people who aren’t blown away by the performance of the 2011 Tesla Roadster, but at $109,000 we can’t think of that many folks who can afford one either. 

If your Father loves the Roadster but just can’t afford his own (or perhaps can’t get in one) then why not show him you care with his very own mini 2008 Tesla Roadster. 

Just like its big brother, this 1:16 model can be recharged from any 110V wall outlet using its own portable charging lead. Sadly you can’t drive 245 miles in it per charge and we think you’d struggle to get in - but it does offer the big kid in your Father a way to have fun with this iconic vehicle. 

Petrolside T-Shirt Logo

Petrolside T-Shirt Logo


Petrolcide T-Shirt

Did your father go on protest marches in his youth? Is he still eager to fight the fight 

Then why not get him a t-shirt complete with the now infamous ‘Petrolcide’ artwork.  We’ll let vendor bant-shirts.com explain. 

Petrolcide, noun. 1. The act or instance of endangering the planet by reckless use of natural resources. 2. The intentional abuse of ones position of political power for the purpose of personal profit and to further the interests of petroleum corporations at the expense of the environment and national security.”

If you read that quote to your Father and he started cheering emphatically, you’ll know this T-Shirt is for him. 

Quick 220 adaptor 

Think of this present as the gift for the Father who already drives everywhere in his electric car. 

The Quick 220 range of adaptors take two 110V power circuits in a home and combine them to form one 220V power outlet, perfect for a 2011 Nissan Leaf owner with a modified portable charging cable to enable charging at up to 3.3 kilowatts.

Using two domestic power circuits and combining them, the quick 220 is not designed as a permanent solution, and is certainly not endorsed by any electric car manufactures.

However, if your Father is a bit gung-ho when it comes to regulations, official charging stations and halving the time it takes his electric car to charge from anywhere there’s two separate 110V power supplies then this could be for him, although he should know using the Quick 220 in this way is certainly at his own risk. 

The Electric Vehicle and the Burden of History

Electric Vehicles and the Burden of History

Electric Vehicles and the Burden of History

If your father is more into reading than toys, cute t-shirts or gadgets, then how about this excellent book by David A Kirsch? Examining the history of electric vehicles, how electric vehicles were eclipsed by gasoline counterparts, and the future of transportation, this book is an excellent Fathers’ Day gift for any academically-minded electric car fan.  

Anything Else?

Have we missed out some top Fathers’ day electric car-themed Gifts? Let us know in the Comments Below.