Californian electric auto maker Tesla Motors might be in the final stages of bringing its 2012 Model S luxury sedan to market, but if you want to own one of its iconic two-seat roadsters you’ll need to order one soon. 

According to vivacious Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the firm is just a few months away from selling all of the left-hand drive U.S. specification Roadsters it will ever make. 

“I think there’s a handful of cars left to sell in the U.S.,” explained Musk. “People in Europe and Japan probably have another six months to place orders for the Roadster. IN the U.S., it’s maybe a month or two.”

While the drivetrain for the Tesla Roadster is engineered and built in California, the Roadster chassis are made in Norfolk, England at British sportscar firm Lotus Cars. 

But with Lotus upgrading its small factory facilities to make way for new vehicles, it agreed to only ever produce 2,500 Roadster chassis for Tesla. 

In its short production life, the Tesla Roadster has gone from relative obscurity to a post-child for electric vehicles, thanks in part to its sub-4 second 0-60 mph time and supercar performance. 

With an EPA approved range of 245 miles per charge, the Tesla Roadster is also the longest-distance EV on the market today. 

Starting at $109,000, the Tesla Roadster has never been a particularly affordable car. But with Tesla months away from selling its entire 2,500 production expect Tesla Roadster prices to remain high on the used market for many years to come.