This site has always enjoyed a vibrant, active discussion among our engaged readers--and we thank you all for it.

Now, we're happy to have launched our new and revised Commenting system. Think of it as Comments 2.0.

We wanted to make discussions and debates in our comments easier to understand, and let you not only add your points of view, but share them as widely as you choose via social media.

The topics will likely remain the same--electric cars present and future (even past, once in a while), charging stations, policy issues around plug-ins, and more--but we hope the discussions will be even richer.

If you've ever signed in to comment before, the transition should be seamless. You'll continue to use either your Facebook ID or your existing login. And we've done away entirely with the Captcha graphics that many commenters found so frustrating.

Comments also appear almost instantly, so you can see what your comment looks like as soon as you post it.

New comment design for High Gear Media websites

New comment design for High Gear Media websites

One of the biggest changes you'll see is threaded comments, so that replies to specific comments are displayed in nested format--making it easier to see a running conversation within the entire comment stream.

It's easier than ever to share and promote your comments on Facebook and Twitter, if you're so inclined. (If not, just untick the "Share" boxes, and the only place your comment will appear is on the story itself.)

You can even choose how you want to view earlier comments: in the order they were posted (oldest to newest), or with the latest ones right up top.

And there's more on the way. We're planning to add e-mail updates, to let you know when someone's commented on the same story you did, so you can follow the conversation.

If there are specific comment features you've seen, please let us know--this is your part of the site, and we're eager to get your feedback as we design.

As always, comments on AllCarsElectric are subject to our Terms of Service. Be good to each other, and please keep it civil. If a comment is offensive or obscene, you can flag it for us to take a look.

Meanwhile, give the new comments a whirl ... and tell us what you think of the new and improved functions.

Leave us your thoughts in the Comments section below (naturally!).