Who doesn’t love a good action flick? We especially love them when they have some good chase scenes with some pretty cool modern automobiles. Then if you ad superhero transforming cars from outer space into the mix, well you have the Transformers franchise. As you might remember, the first Transformers movie aired prior to the release of the redesigned 2010 model year Camaro. The making of revealed that the Camaro was mostly movie magic, but it certainly drove interest in the market. Now with the newest installment of the Transformers franchise, “Dark of the Moon”, we wonder if more concepts or styling cues will come from the silver screen to vehicles in the showroom.

In the new movie two cars have caught our attention once again: Bumblebee and Sideswipe. Bumblebee promises to be a beefier Camaro in the new movie with styling cues taken from the all-new ZL1. Some of the additions to Bumblebee’s appearance include distinct hood vents that can only be described as massive, carbon fiber hood inserts and a prominent rear wing out back. Sideswipe will appear as the latest rendition of the Sting Ray concept car. This time the concept will be a topless speedster step that sports a redesigned front fascia. Some believe that this concept might hint at the direction of the all-new C7 Corvette. We personally think that this is a little adventurous even for GM, but the concept is an interesting design study.

Bottom line—the Transformers movie might be a glorified GM and Ford commercial (though Ford has the Bad Guy rap), but the story line is actually interesting and the concept cars cutting edge. I can’t wait to get my ticket, pop corn and settle in for some good action while pondering the likelihood that some of these movie car concepts might go to production after all. Roll over to Jalopnik for the full gallery of the new Bumblebee and Sideswipe vehicles.


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[Source: Jalopnik