Truth in advertising might seem like fiction to some, but the there is such a thing as being accountable for misleading advertising. The automotive industry has a lot of facts to keep straight when it comes to this, especially when some cars can have 100s of option combinations. Unfortunately for Nissan someone flubbed and they were caught with what could be construed as misleading advertising. The mini-controversy centers on the 2011 Nissan Juke AWD and the fuel tank capacity.

The issue is that the 2WD Nissan Juke comes with a 13.2-gallon fuel tank and the AWD Nissan Juke comes with a 11.8-gallon fuel tank. Now that isn’t a huge surprise to the auto industry because the Juke is a small car and they need to cram the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system somewhere. Consequentially, you also sacrifice the under floor storage in the cargo area of the AWD as well. However, that aside, it was discovered that Nissan had some advertising that may have misled some consumers to believe that their AWD Juke had a 13.2-gallon fuel tank. Nissan isn’t sitting still thought and has issued a letter of apology to the some 4,000 AWD Juke owners here in the U.S. and is including a $400 check to try to smooth things over.

The letter states (according to

 While fuel tank capacity may not have been a factor in your purchase decision, Nissan sincerely regrets this error and would like to demonstrate how important your satisfaction is to us. Please find enclosed a check in the amount of $400.00 as our apology to you. Please note that the check is valid for 90 days; we hope that this action will reinforce your faith in our product and address any concern you may have had."

All in all, marketing and customer service experts have varying opinions, but we are pleased to see that Nissan is taking a proactive approach to dealing with the problem. Besides, the specifications in the manual are correct and we are guessing it was an honest mistake—so those AWD owners, show the love and take your Juke on a nice road trip with the cash.


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